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The Tuvaluan nation is on the frontline of climate-related displacement and the ramifications of climate change. Once displaced, how our international response is executed will define climate refugees and dictate the future of displaced people. Tuvalu will act as a test, if we cannot get that right, then we have no chance.

Fight for

our mission.

Fight For Tuvalu is a grassroots up-and-coming Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) whose purpose is to raise international awareness for the situation in Tuvalu, educate the common individual and protect the nation from climate displacement.

​Our fight is to provide resources to secure the Tuvaluan nation from climate displacement, funding a myriad of on-ground initiatives/campaigns and find reliable land for Tuvalu's population to eventually safely migrate to. We are also challenging paramount international legislation for not legally protecting current, past, and future climate refugees. The Tuvaluan nation will be an international test, Tuvaluans may be the first-ever climate refugees but they certainly won't be the last.

We work together.

A movement of this scope and scale is only possible through the combined support of hundreds of individuals, organisations and all levels of local and international Governments. We sincerely thank the continued strong support from the Tuvaluan people and their Government whose support through our media campaigns and educational pieces allows us to continue presenting major centrepiece works.


By volunteering, we are able to grow our grassroots movements beyond borders. The success of our NGO is fully dependant on the collaboration of all individuals irrespective of age, location, gender, religion or socio-economic status. You have full autonomy over your tenure as a volunteer, choose the portfolio your feel most passionate about, apply and we will be in contact! We can't wait to start working with you! FAQ's regarding volunteering


"I formally take the pledge to fight for Tuvalu acknowledging the climate ramifications defining and dictating Tuvalu's future and further demand reformed legislation that recognises people displaced due to climate ramifications establishing a special refugee and asylum-seeking status."



meet the people behind this grassroots movement

our committee consists of local Tuvaluans, those with Tuvaluan heritage and individuals passionate about this fight!


This movement is not possible without support from the Tuvaluan people.