How it started.

FightForTuvalu came about when our Chair & Director, James Dimas, was tasked to write a thesis on any topic and focused on the climate displacement of Tuvalu. Being the son of an immigrant, James has always been intrigued by the patterns of migration, but due to global warming, a new form of migration is looming. His final Research identified that nations and organisations have not adequately considered the ramifications of people displaced due to climate change and show no sign of doing so. Here at FightForTuvalu, we deem it is appropriate for all of us to adhere to the matter of the Climate Displacement of Tuvalu and other island nations facing the same trajectory.

In order to achieve affirmative action, one must be educated on all the issues the Tuvaluan nation is facing, as well as its history, facts and statistics. With made that easy with our website. Read our recent article, posted above.

our mission.

Fight For Tuvalu is a grassroots up-and-coming Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) whose purpose is to raise international awareness for the situation in Tuvalu, educate the common individual and protect the nation from climate displacement.

​Our fight is to provide resources to secure the Tuvaluan Nation from climate displacement, funding a myriad of on-ground initiatives/campaigns and find reliable land for Tuvalu's population to eventually safely migrate to. We are also challenging paramount international legislation for not legally protecting current, past, and future climate refugees. The Tuvaluan nation will be an international test, Tuvaluans may be the first-ever climate refugees but they certainly won't be the last.


A paramount factor in order to execute change is to be informed on every aspect of the Tuvaluan nation.
So, we have made it easy for you to learn the basics with our multiple educational pages!



as an up-and-coming NGO

FightForTuvalu is an up-and-coming NGO. We are 'up and coming' because we want to properly analyse global support towards the issue, grow our grassroots campaign through direct engagement with individuals, to deem if it is appropriate to take a legal status. Amassing credibility through engagement on our website and social media platforms with people taking the pledge will ultimately determine the future of our campaign. Through this, we deem to achieve a multitude of factors. We aim to be grassroots, innovative, transparent and rare.

Given the ramifications of the global pandemic,on-ground initiatives and campaigns can not currently be physically executed. However, in cooperation with the Tuvaluan people and their government, the drafting of said initiatives will be executed in hopes of implementation sometime during 2022. This will be done on the advice of the Tuvaluan people and the analysis of areas that are in most demand for global support, education reform, reef maintaining, land reclamation projects, mental health etc.

A cornerstone of our movement to establish legal status for individuals displaced due to climate ramifications, as said individuals are currently not recognised under international law, an unlegislated grey-area. Fighting for legal status will be a contributing factor to the survival of the Tuvaluan nation. The Tuvaluan nation is on the front-line of climate-related displacement and the ramifications of climate change. Once displaced, how our international response is executed will define climate refugees and dictate the future of displaced people. Tuvalu will act as a test if we cannot get that right then we have no chance.

We aim to be a transparent organisation, with regular literature published and all questions answered. This will be achieved by our volunteers and leadership structure who are appointed through merit and a vetting process. We further agree to work with other organisations with similar missions, to discourage the damaging trajectory that is climate displacement and climate change.



meet the people behind this grassroots movement

our committee consists of local Tuvaluans, those with Tuvaluan heritage and individuals passionate about this fight!

James Dimas

Chair & Director

Founder of FFT and responsible for; Day-to-day operations, new member inductions, media campaigns and Legislation Reform.

Susilia Tealei Kauapa

Director of Tuvaluan Affairs

Responsible for Tuvaluan community consultation and affirming Tuvaluan demands. Residing in New Zealand.

Abbey Hilder

Director of Campaigns & initiatives

Responsible for drafting of global initiatives/campaigns and social media campaigns. Residing in South Australia.

Grace Ioano Malie

Director of Community Outreach

Responsible for community outreach, background research and initiation of Tuvaluan campaigns. Residing in Fiji.

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