The frustration. The Tuvaluan people are frustrated. We are frustrated. There is a climate emergency in Tuvalu, which has been present for years, but no one is listening...what has the Tuvaluan nation done to deserve this. They've blessed us with their wisdom and culture, supported us during major global events but yet, the world turns it back. What is so evident becomes neglected.

"It feels like the world has forgotten us,"

one Tuvaluan says.

We at FightForTuvalu have not forgotten you, we pride ourselves on giving a voice to the voiceless, to be an active statement, to demand legislative reform and recognition until we achieve it. You are our backbone. We love and appreciate all of you a part of this journey irrespective of geographical location, sex, race, religion or socio-economic status. We've been around for one year now, it’s been one month since our relaunch, and we are just getting started. Show that you acknowledge the climate emergency Tuvalu is facing by visiting our website (link in bio), demand legislative reform to mitigate the climate ramifications infringing upon Tuvalu, lastly just show that you see us. Because we see you, all of you.


Alofa atu 🤍