The Campaigns & Initiatives Portfolio under the guidance of its Director Abbey Hilder, is perhaps the most important. It aims to communicate our movement across the globe and create physical change. A movement of this scope and scale is only possible through the combined support of hundreds of individuals, organisations and all levels of local and international Governments. We sincerely thank the continued strong support from the Tuvaluan people and their Government whose support through our media campaigns and educational pieces allows us to continue presenting major centerpiece works. Campaigns come in variety of forms. Some to be executed physically on-the-ground in Tuvalu and others on a multitude of mediums. Campaigns have the underlying purpose to prevent the damaging trajectory the Tuvaluan nation is facing and to reform paramount international legislation to recognise those displaced due to climate ramifications.


Thanks! By volunteering we can expand our movements beyond borders. We can't wait to start working with you! As aforementioned, we understand that life is busy with a multitude of commitments, your workload as a volunteer is completely up to you and what you can handle given your circumstances.