Our official launch as an grassroots up-and-coming Non-Governmental Organization(NGO) over 1000 individuals from all across the globe have taken the pledge! This is a monumental achievement for our movement and our mission!

By a global individual taking the pledge, it communicates that there is global support towards our movement, that change is demanded to fight for the future of the Tuvaluan nation, and people are saying yes, to saving a nation. 

These 1000+ individuals whom have taken the pledge are situated across the globe, including countries that are not facing climate ramifications, paramount, as affirmative action is only possible with the support of all nations including ones without immediate issues prompted by climate change. Along with individuals from countries who are substantial polluters, as their support, not only reinforces our movement, but demonstrates that those countries citizens recognise the damage caused by their nations neglect towards the climate which will ultimately lead to legislative reform and innovative, climate friendly solutions! 

Now that we have amassed 1000+ pledges, our up-and-coming NGO can enter stage two. Stage two consists of assigning assignments to our volunteer base, these assignments include but are not limited to, drafting of initiatives to be taken place in Tuvalu, drafting of initiatives to be taken place across the globe aimed to educate the common individual regarding Tuvalu's drastic situation, assisting in the due process of legislative reform in partnership with the United Nations and the Tuvaluan Government, writing educational articles for our platforms, design of social media posts and much more! It is also expected in stage two, regular meetings between our volunteers and Directors, regular postings on all media platforms and our website, and collaborations with other grassroots organizations and international Governments. 

So, get involved and act now by volunteering and take the pledge to show your support towards our movement and fight for Tuvalu. Thanks for your support thus far, we are just getting started! Watch this space!


Thanks for everyones support thus far, it has been more than emphatic! Get involved and Fight For Tuvalu now! Volunteer here, Take The Pledge here.